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Save time & make estimating easy

Chasing down this week’s price for the products you need is a waste of your time. And those outdated cost books? Don't get us started. Only 1build powers estimating with real-time, local materials and labor costs to save you time and make estimating easy.


Estimate with real-time material, equipment, and labor costs in your county

local rates

Quickly refresh material rates or update the project with new location


Quickly calculate labor rates for material installation

track win rate

Track your win rate with estimation analytics

eric lindhorts

“The 1build platform is constantly getting streamlined. It's just becoming better and better to use.”

Eric Lindhorst

Shea's Land Services

caroline brown

“I had the opportunity to buy into a contracting firm.... Now, I’m the 'chief estimator,' CEO, and 1build’s biggest fan! I do wear a lot of hats, but I wouldn’t be able to run the company the way I do if I didn’t have 1build.”

Caroline Brown

Copper Top Contracting

alex perez - bella wess construction

“You guys are solid on your numbers. It is freaking fantastic. And for somebody that that looks at every, single detail in any given building, it's amazing.”

Alex Perez


1build - templates

Start fast with prebuilt estimating templates

With 1build, you don't need to estimate from scratch. We give you out-of-the-box templates to choose from, including new builds and remodels for residential, and commercial projects.

Access our library of 10,000+ material and equipment items

Only with 1build do you get a searchable library that houses more than 10,000 items and 100 assemblies. No matter where you're working or what device you're on, the 1build Library is available - and usable - so you'll always have on-demand, local pricing that's important to you.

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Estimate with real-time, local cost data in your county

Are you tired of chasing suppliers for the latest material and labor prices in your area? Is your cost book collecting dust? Then start estimating with real-time, local cost data wherever you build, so you can put your best bid forward.

Create a professional, always up-to-date proposal your clients will love

When you're done estimating, export a bid built to win. 1build keeps your confidential markups safe while you create an easy-to-read rundown of what your clients can expect. And - BONUS! - You'll never have to reformat a spreadsheet again.

1build - exporting estimates and proposals
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Lean on your dedicated support rep for the life of your 1build account

At 1build, customer success is in our blood. No matter your subscription plan, you'll have access to your dedicated support rep. Call, text, or email for quick answers to your estimating questions.

Not a pro estimator? No worries - your support rep is ready to help level-up your estimating game.

Don't lose another bid over bad cost data.

Start a free trial of 1build today, and see for yourself how easy estimating can be.